3 Tips To Improve Engagement on Social Media

You type out a post that you think people will like, link, and share. You then hit ‘Publish’. But when you check it after a few hours, nothing. Maybe it just needs more time, you tell yourself. A day after, you get a handful of likes, but nothing more than that until it eventually gets buried in oblivion.

The situation may sound familiar – and it can be frustrating. But before you dismiss marketing on social media altogether, we suggest that you spend some time reading this blog. We’ll share with you a few tips that will help improve engagement with your audience on social media. Let’s start with:

1. Ask Questions. Stop Selling 

A basic way of eliciting a response from your audience is to ask them a question. Of course, remember to align it with who you are as a company, and whatever product or service you provide. Let’s say for example, you’re in the business of repairing smartphones. You could probably ask your audience to share the most unusual way they have damaged their phone? Or maybe ask them what is the most common way they think people damage their devices?

The point is that, people want their opinions to be heard, and this has only further increased with the popularity of social media. So use that to your advantage. Ask your audience for their opinion.

2. Share. It’s Free 

Free stuff is the currency of social media marketing. So don’t be afraid to share your expertise on certain areas for free. This can be in the form of a blog that answers the most common questions your readers have.

Sharing doesn’t necessarily have to be self-serving. In fact, it would do you better if the stuff you share isn’t focused solely on your business. What you can do is share other things you see on the internet that are relevant to your audience. If you sell cupcakes, for example, you could share pins of cupcakes you like on Pinterest. The act of sharing can help build trust. And more often than not, people would only engage with you if they trust you enough.

Just don’t forget to credit any photography that is not your own to the original page owner. No one like a social cleptomaniac!

3. Content is Key! 

All form of social media continue to become increasingly cluttered. So how do you stand apart from other pages and engage with your audience?

Well I can tell you it isn’t posting a photo in the dark where you can hardly see the focus point or sharing a video where the wind drowns out the sound of the voice audio. 

Quality content is demanded by audiences! Most smartphones these days take excellent photos and videos, with 90% of the time quality coming down to lighting and location. Keep it simple and it will work. No need to over capitalise with four different filters. More importantly if you are going to share something make sure it is interesting and don’t be afraid to get creative or have an opinion. 

Need Help? 

Building and improving engagement on social media requires focus and consistency. You can achieve this by having someone work solely on your social media marketing. You’re probably busy enough with the overall management of your business, so let someone handle your conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. This doesn’t have to be a full-blown team.

If you’re a small organisation chances are that replying to comments, tweeting, and posting can be done by one person. Of course it also helps to have an overall strategy for your social media marketing. This is where Magnetize could help. From helping you build a solid social media strategy to coming up with an integrated communication plan, we’ll make sure that nothing gets lost in the conversation between you and your audience. For more information, please send us an enquiry today.