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You see, I ride hard. I liked it. The Friday had to be completely rebuilt to be reliable.The Rohloff’s gear cables were replaced by an external assembly because the cables could not move in the tight bends of the Friday’s design.By rerouting the cables and making a stainless steel guide at the bottom bracket,gear changing and folding became easier. Brompton saddle, 600×32mm Brompton extended seatpost. But where do you find a matching folding bike? 1. Registered as a charity in England and Wales charity no: 1147607 and in Scotland The Brompton, meanwhile, has Schwalbe Kojak tyres because I asked for them. This limited edition bike was truly a limited production with only 300 bikes made in Cement White. The Brompton rear rack is largely superfluous, mostly adding weight plus some stability to the folded bike. Registered office: Parklands, Railton Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 9JX. Post a Reply. An ideal adventure companion for those who'd rather not walk. Tucking the rear wheel under is step one of the folding procedure. With big apple tyres on the birdy it rides pretty much like a normal bike, and fast. I’d be tempted to try an 11-34 cassette, using a longer B-screw to nudge the derailleur away from this bigger cassette. The latest addition to our Birdy family is the Birdy R20 performance bike. It removes the ‘chatter’ you get from anything other than a billiard table smooth road. I picked a two-speed partly because I’ve not used the Brompton derailleur before, but also because it saves about 600g over the 3-speed, and low weight is a big deal for a bike you’ll often hold in one hand. STEERING & SEATING: Brompton foam grips, S-type handlebar (540×25.6mm), threaded headset. I would be cautious of these videos which show "rolling" while folded. The Brompton’s two-speed gearing is fine around town: you get one gear for starting off or climbing modest hills, and another for cruising along. In earlier models, there was nothing but your weight on the saddle stopping the rear end tucking under, which was an issue if you picked up the unfolded bike (or bunny-hopped it…). Tern Verge N8 £825 Folds quickly and simply to 38×79×72cm and weighs 11kg, so easily train portable. Posted on: 6th Mar 2015 10:57 AM Quote and Reply. I would be cautious of these videos which show "rolling" while folded. It boils down to what you want most: a fantastic folder that rides okay, or a small-wheeler that rides really well and folds okay. This BIRDY 3rd generation folds 15% smaller than before! This tracks well and doesn’t dive during braking. je eigen pins op Pinterest. Unfortunately, you’ll need to remove the pedals, rack, and . an option. This proves the excellence of the Brompton geometry and the thorough thinking that has resulted in a design that includes a folding pedal,bag,and lights that don’t clash with folding.When folded, the Brompton chain never comes off and lies between the wheels,meaning clean legs and fingers.I made a Brompton trailer-bike for my daughter and bought another Brompton for my wife.All three fit into the Bentley boot.No other bike is so neat and rideable. Dan Joyce tests a budget Birdy and a 2-speed Brompton. Last year, I made a comparison between Brompton and Dahon to find out which is the best folding bike manufacturer. Some will characterise this as ‘nippy’, others ‘nervous’. FOLDED SIZE: 80×62×34cm (claimed); 93×69×40cm (measured), FRAME & FORK: Aluminium frame, swing-arm and leading-link fork, with fittings for mudguards and racks. Stronger and heavier riders will appreciate this. For example, trains in the UK carry "compact, fully-folding cycles with wheels up to 20” in diameter… without restriction". The Birdy uses an 8-speed twistgrip and a Shimano Claris derailleur that’s unremarkable except for the long chain guide projecting from the bottom. Rock sold stiffness of the fame and doesn't flex. With a regular-sized bike, you will need to find a place to lock it outside your house. Comes with front and rear suspension and components are compatible with most standard SRAM and Shimano parts. The less common variety is the swivel fold (Montague, Change Bike). I favored Dahon because they make high-quality bikes for a much lower price. The Royal Wedding Brompton . 2 ratios, 55-74in. The handling is stable because it’s got more trail, so you can tackle descents and everyday manoeuvres with greater confidence. When it’s folded, the Birdy isn’t any harder to carry than the Brompton. Brompton 2-speed shifter and derailleur. This might be solved by: narrower rear dropouts; removing the kickstand (you’ll need a spacer instead); and/or having Allen-headed wheel bolts instead of a quick release with a cam lever. I would say the only bad thing is that because they fold it the other way to Brompton your drive train is exposed when folded. FRAME & FORK: Steel frame, fork and rear triangle, with firm suspension block. Both cost from around £1,000, which is a lot more than an entry-level Dahon (rebadged or otherwise). Full Member. Posted on: 6th Mar 2015 10:57 AM Quote and Reply. The front is part of an unusual-looking leading link fork. First published 20 August 2009. Your mileage, as ever, may vary. Post a Reply. As of 2010 over 100,000 had been sold. There are two grades of suspension available, standard or firm. Third, lift the front end off the ground, unclip the front wheel at its suspension elastomer, and then fold the wheel back on itself, rotating it around its own suspension pivots. They’re now dual pivots, fitted with decent Fibrax blocks, and the all-metal levers are less spongy. In any other environment, you’d probably see me in spandex on a carbon bike chasing Strava trophies. Check out the video below to see the side-by-side comparison between the 2 most compact folders. This could cause problems on packed trains with people getting their nice work clothes dirty or when (if) it goes in a car. Manufacturers today focus more on producing foldable bikes or portable bikes. On spec sheets, the Dahon Curl measures 24.8″ x 22.4″ x 12.2″ while the Brompton measures 23″ x 22.2″ x 10.6″ in folded size. I’m sure plenty of people can beat me in a crit or a drag race on a two-block segment on Strava, but compared to most people scooching around on their bikes in th… (This might necessitate other design tweaks to prevent compromising the fold.). Claris will cope with a 32 sprocket, so it’s a shame an 11-30 cassette is fitted. Being able to roll while folded was a key requirement when I was trying to figure out which brand to buy (before I got the Brompton). Although smaller than the Friday and fitting easier into the car boot, the folding is messy,the tool bag has to be removed before a fold and the chain always comes off,meaning dirty fingers later on.The Birdy brochures promote their bikes as serious tourers,but that is an unjustified claim. The Brompton fills one role exc… I rode this bike in France and Austria where I climbed the Grossglockner Pass but on one of the descents the wires of the rear Schwalbe Stelvio tyre snapped at about 50mph. This is for the loose chain to hang on when the rear wheel tucks under. With both hands on the handlebar, the handling is okay. Step four is to undo the stem hinge and let the stem and handlebar drop down; a nodule on the stem fits into a bracket on the fork crown, holding the stem and bar in place. The Brompton in comparison is a modest machine.Although the company admits its bikes are in use all around the world,they are sold as commuting bikes.In fact, they are much more,and can do anything.With the Friday and Birdy equipped with Rohloff hubs and Vbrakes,and a Brompton with a Sturmey hub and side-pull callipers,I realized that the ideal folder had to be an upgraded Brompton. Originally,I had a Brompton with a Sturmey 5-speed, Schlumpf Mountain drive and conventional Brompton brakes and although it did all I wanted it to do, I thought there might be something better. That’s all I really need a folder for, so I’ll probably replace my 16-year-old Brompton with a newer one when the time comes. But versatility isn’t everything. First released in 1995, it has now been 25 years. Thank Jeffery, Daryl, Lian and Russel to the helping hand. Moreover, the initial cost will be recouped in saved bus fares/taxi fares/petrol. Ricky Do. With the Brompton, it is no bother: you fold it without thinking. Birdy bikes are a popular choice for touring. There aren’t any bottle mounts (but see page 24). The callipers lack quick releases, so you need to deflate the tyre to get the wheel out or in, which is odd. The Birdy uses V-brakes, which are more powerful – just as well given the higher speeds you can comfortably reach on this bike. The Birdy is a more versatile folding bike than similarly priced compacts like the Brompton. The frame has fittings for mudguards, which don’t affect the fold, and dedicated racks front and rear. It has a unique fold (a sort of cross between those of the Brompton and the Birdy, with the rear tire rotating under), and with the front tire and the … With a help from a few friends, the Brompton Vs Birdy real rides review is here. FOLDED SIZE: 58.5×56.5×27cm (claimed); 67.5×61×29cm (measured). Brompton, Birdy, Dahon, Strida, Tern: there are a host of folding bike out there, but which is best? Happily, the Brompton’s long-reach sidepulls are better than they were in the past. And you need heaviness in the bikes too while riding on the roads! You can choose between Kojaks, Schwalbe Marathons, and Brompton Kevlar tyres when you use Brompton’s online ‘bike builder’. Both are a little high, so consider one of the gear reduction options (7% or 18%) at point of purchase. The pads aren’t perpendicular to the brake arms, particular at the rear, so watch for uneven pad wear. One is the fact that the rear mudguard sits on top the chain stay brace. EQUIPMENT: SKS World Birdy mudguards, kickstand, bell. Trains, buses, car boots, boats, aeroplanes, offices, cloakrooms, hallways, studio flats – folding bikes go where others won’t fit or aren’t freely allowed. The rear is a bumper for the swing-arm, like the Brompton’s. By. Without a frame hinge, it can’t fold as compactly either, but the folding process is still ingenious. Cycling UK is a trading name of Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC) a company limited by guarantee, It takes about the same amount of time to unfold, despite the fact that the hinges aren’t self-locking. Yet I’m sure the handling could be much improved by reducing the fork’s offset to zero. The initial fold is quick.The chain does now not come off and the gear cable doesn’t snag.It just fits in the boot of my Bentley Continental,but if the pedals are the wrong way around the lid won’t close.The boot of my Rolls-Royce is much bigger,but this is not a car I can park anywhere whilst out on the bike! The triangle hinge vertical fold (Birdy, Bike Friday, Tyrell) bikes are also gaining popularity, as these eliminate the problem of stress points, and often come with built-in suspension. with the brompton, it is no bother: you fold it without thinking.". Since this gets hosed with water, it eventually rusts away (unless you choose the ‘Superlight’ titanium option). Smaller folded size. It is the successor to the popular Birdy Racing model, fitted with improved parts and bigger wheels. We asked Olympian and cycle fan Jonathan Edwards to put the latest through their paces Nippy around town is one thing; if you’re going further, the Brompton is seldom the best choice. Die Schaltung (Shimano Nexus 8) war gut, auch ähnlich gut durchgestuft (Entfaltung: 2,21m-6,78m), aber weniger präzise und „spritzig“ … The triangle hinge vertical fold (Birdy, Bike Friday, Tyrell) bikes are also gaining popularity, as these eliminate the problem of stress points, and often come with built-in suspension.

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